Classically Ornamental Maidenhair Fern

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An absolute classic that’s making a comeback because of it’s strong, yet graceful multifaceted nature.

The fern represents the unfolding of a new life. It represents transformation, renewal, and hope for the future.

For an alternative interpretation, they mean fascination, confidence, magic, and shelter. So if you’re fascinated by somebody the fern is a great gift to present them with.

Maidenhair ferns make graceful additions to shady gardens, patios or bright, indirectly lit areas of the home. It is in hanging baskets or in hanging pots that Maidenhair ferns gain most popularity.

Watering: Keep them evenly moist all year. Avoid water on the leaves and ideally water from the base.

This fern will be delivered in a classic white ceramic p

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