Syngonium White Butterfly

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Syngonium White Butterfly (Syngonium podophyllum) is a gorgeous plant that shows off a mound of creamy white foliage with soft green highlights. Absolutely stunning, this trailing plant has arrow shaped leaves which makes one of it’s common names of Arrowhead plant quite appropriate.

A super exotic looking foliage plant, Syngonium is extremely easy to grow and loves a warm humid environment, growing best in a sheltered draught free position. For best results choose a bright indirect light as strong sunlight will burn the delicate foliage, and regular watering is required whilst the plant is actively growing. Water once the soil becomes dry and do not do not let the plant become waterlogged as this will cause fungal issues and most likely death. For best results fertilize regularly with a slow release fertilizer and repot every few years using a good quality potting mix for indoor plants.

In warmer climates, these gorgeous plants will brighten up a sheltered shady position outside.

The basket comes with the plant.

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