Zen In Zanzibar Gift Plant

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A real gem! The glamorous Zamioculcas, or the “Zanzibar Gem” (because the foliage is so shiny), is an exotic ornamental accent plant and revered for their attractive glossy foliage. Native to eastern Africa, from Kenya south to northeastern South Africa, gift the ‘gem’ for those that like the exotic.

Growing to 45–60 cm tall, it is evergreen. The leaves, the plants ‘personality’, are smooth, shiny, and dark green. They almost look like they’ve been polished!

Zanzibar does well in homes, offices and retail spaces where it can be cultivated in a pot or indoor garden bed. Thrives on neglect and will grow in low light or in shaded corners without complaint, so keep out of direct sunlight. Erring on the side of dryness is preferable to avoid risking tuber rot.

Deliver Zen in a gift-wrapped pot.


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